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What is EDU?

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The goal of social responsibility is to contribute to building a generation of young people who have the courage and self-confidence to succeed and at the same time understand values such as fairness and cooperation. We see the sense in the fact that as long as schools are composed mainly of self-confident teachers and leaders aligned on common values, this school will naturally be creative, open, and its students will have the desire to move forward not only themselves, but also the world around them.

Soft skills

 cooperation
 conflict resolution and negotiation,
 self-reflection, critical perception of oneself
 creative (creative) or team problem solving,
 strategic or conceptual thinking,
 team building,
 load management

We fulfill the development of key competences with comprehensible and transparent ones interactive materials that will be available to the general pedagogical public and the web portal of the project.

For their creation, we will use the outputs and collection of good practice from the face-to-face WS of the pilot phase of the project. The basis of success will be exercises and instructional questions that strengthen our basic inner conviction to build the aforementioned goals or help identify those that prevent us from achieving the key competencies and responsibilities.

Furthermore, to put specific skills into practice, specific Challenges/quests will be prepared for the competencies, which will help transform ideas into everyday practice and the gradual acquisition of techniques will become a daily routine or habit.

For feedback and partial help with completion, an interactive chatbot is available on the web portal, where interested parties can ask for advice on completing specific tasks or an explanation of the methodology and materials.